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Drinking water supply project of 5 villages [Madagascar]

Drinking water supply project of 5 villages [Madagascar]

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In the North West of Madagascar, the water does not miss, the temperature is lenient and the rivers flow calmly. Yet, behind agricultural landscapes where vanilla, cocoa, coffee, pepper flourish … lies the worst scourge: unsafe water, a consequence of the total lack of sanitation and the poor state of the surface wells.

The Rotary Paris Quai d’Orsay has therefore initiated a project to supply drinking water to 5 villages. At the end of 2014, a partnership started with Experts-Solidaires – an association of professionals for the transfer of technical skills – enabling the design and implementation of the works.

Studies have shown that groundwater resources can provide at least 30 liters per day, it was decided to manufacture 7 modern wells 6 to 12 meters deep, equipped with pumps

On December 2, 2016, 7 wells were operating and management groups for these water points were being formed. Thus, more than 1000 people can now benefit from drinking water.

Although faced with many difficulties: weather hazards, resistant geological layers, incomplete local engineering … this beautiful achievement was born thanks to a particularly effective organization:

  • Rotary PQO returned the charge of funding (€ 19,000) and general coordination while the Rotary of Antananarivo Ambohitsorohitra provided local monitoring of the project;
  • the Expert-Solidaires association, in addition to the France / Madagascar relations, supervised the work of a consulting firm: EC + which provided preliminary studies and project management;
  • the Union of Municipalities of Sambirano (UNICOSA) assumed the local project management and in particular made available an engineer for the control of the works and the social support, two technicians of daily follow-up of the building sites, and two animators for the formation of well management committees by the villagers;
  • As for JWT, it did the actual work.

It should be noted that a monthly contribution system per household has been set up for well maintenance, thus associating the responsibility of all.

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Article written by Françoise MILLION

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