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Discover the International Ryla

Discover the International Ryla

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Today we present to you a key action of the Rotary Paris Quai d’orsay: the Ryla International

Le Ryla international / International Ryla

With the rotary Club Berlin Gendarmenmarkt, The rotary Paris Quai d’orsay gave birth to an international Ryla. Each club is responsible for the selection of the participants of the Country. Co-organized by our two clubs, the Ryla takes place in English and allows participants to exchange topics such as: health, International relations, career planning, The link between politics and economics, the digital tool (creation of corporate Website).

Previous editions

  • 2017: the 1st session was held in Berlin in March with 11 rotaractors participants supported by the two clubs (berlin and Paris).
  • 2018: the second session was held in Paris in April with 14 participants, more precisely 5 were supported by our two clubs and 4 by the RC Milano Sud Ovest which joined the Ryla.

The 2019 edition

In 2019, the Ryla will take place in belfast, thanks to the organization of the Rotary Club Belfast, which has chosen to join the Project. Our Batavians Friends of the Rotary Club Amstel (Amsterdam) are planning to send participants as Well. The Ryla will be held in March or April. Its cost is estimated at 300-350 euros.
In short, we continue!

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