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As part of its statutory meetings, the Rotary club Paris Quai d’Orsay regularly hosts talented speakers. Please check our « News » section on the Home Page to see the conferences that will take place in our club.

Some examples of past conferences:

  1. Luncheon « Wine and globalization » with tasting, by Raphael Aubry-Marais, Books-cellar in Paris. A world tour of the history of local wine accompanied by some examples tasting.
  2. Luncheon « The Court of Auditors, its missions », by Gilles Johanet, Attorney General of the Court of Auditors. A presentation without taboos the operation of the Court of Auditors by one of its most independent members.
  3. Gala to benefit the Pasteur Institute: guided tour and dinner at the prestigious Louvre Museum on the theme  » the Louvre’s masterpieces ». A charity event for the benefit of research and the fight against malaria.
  4. Dinner-lecture « What on earth is an MP? » Claude Greff, MP of Indre-et-Loire and former Secretary of State for the Family. A discovery of a member of parliament, even behind the scenes.
  5. Lecture « Architecture & Mobility » given by Jean-Marie Duthilleul, chief architect of SNCF – AREP founder of the consulting studies at the Polytechnique Alumni House.
  6. Lecture « The TGV Magic » by François Lacôte, Senior Vice President of Alstom – Technical Advisor to the President of Alstom Transport.
  7. Lecture « The surgery of the head and neck. High tech or high risk? » by Professor Romain Kania, ENT surgeon at the hospital Lariboisière.
  8. Lecture « Sunnis and Shiites: Issues of citizenship in Lebanon » by Professor Dominique Avon, professor of contemporary history and Director of the History Department at the University of Maine.
  9. Conference – concert « The missing link of classical music rediscovered » by Jacques Dupriez, violinist/violist.

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