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The President’s message 2017-2018

For the second time and after more than 25 years of my Rotary career I had the honor to be nominated by the members of the Rotary Club of Paris quai d’Orsay by proposing the 18th presidency of our club.

I pay tribute to all the former presidents who built the club to do what it is today.

The construction of the European Union led us this year to set up our second twinning with the club of Milan West. Our club is twinned with BERLIN and MILAN. In order to facilitate our exchanges, a twinning committee has been set up.

To this end, we have a duty to support and encourage the activities of our young people internationally, we will maintain our financial support for humanitarian actions financed by our fundraisers and grants from Rotary International.

This is what motivates us to implement our dynamism within our club and to continue the humanitarian actions already undertaken while maintaining the friendship that binds us and without which nothing is possible.

If you are part of those people who enrich humanity I invite you to join and join our ranks.

Our past, present and future achievements make our Club « a gift for humanity » that we must continue to make known to our community. We are proud to be honored by our love of service to others.

I say what I do, I do what I say. Which summarizes perfectly what I propose to you.

President 2017/2018

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