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4590 euros for Solidarités Nouvelles contre le chômage [unemployed]

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Previously, we talked about the auction sale of wine. Today, discover the results of our action for this association of great help for the unemployed.

A great evening for SNC

Once again, our action in favor of SNC was a great success. We will be able to give € 4,590 to the association we have been supporting for many years, helping to support long-term unemployed people back to work.
The evening began with a tasting offered by a winegrower from Languedoc who made us appreciate his products. The second white was particularly tasty.


Our president Lucien then led the auction with the brio we know him. Buyers fought well to win the 48 lots of quality French and foreign wines, all donated by members or friends of the club. Recognize that the tax exemption has made some nice business.

The lottery

After the auction, some less fortunate were able to console themselves in the drawing of the lottery with the champagne bottles marked with the pennant of the club, and in a big batch a superb jéroboam, champagne always. We know who we are going to be invited to for the next tasting.
The evening ended with the drink of friendship during the removal of lots by lucky recipients.
It is a beautiful Rotary action on the local level.


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